Melissa Weekes Business & Marketing Excellence Scholarship

July 31, 2020

SociallyInfused Media Ltd. is delighted to offer the Melissa Weekes Business & Marketing Excellence Scholarship award.

As a national leader in the digital marketing space, we work with clients across Canada, the US, and abroad. College is not cheap and it’s often financially out of reach for young people, so we’re giving back to those with a keen interest in business and marketing (although not a requirement).

Please visit our application page and apply by authoring an article on the topic: “How Digital Marketing Will Change in the 2020s.” Our annual scholarship rewards uniqueness and creativity—so try to tickle our interest and amuse us!

How to Apply

Sociallyinfused is offering a scholarship to students who are currently enrolled in or have already been accepted to an accredited Canadian university or college.

  1. Write a post of 1000+ words on the topic of “How Digital Marketing Will Change in the 2020s.” No one really knows what’s in store for digital marketing over the next decade, but we want your thoughts. Our annual scholarship rewards originality and imagination—so think outside of the box try to entertain us!
  2. You must publish the article online for public consumption. Students may publish their material on a student blog on their university/college website, their own site, or a blog platform; for example,,,, etc.
  3. Include a minimum of three (3) links citing authoritative sources on the topic of digital marketing, including one (1) link to (this will help us to grow visibility and awareness of the scholarship and, hopefully, help to expand the program in subsequent years).
  4. Fill out the form below to complete your application.

Our internal committee (basically our small team) will decide on the best-written story published before July 31, 2020 and will announce the winner by the end of each year.

The information in this submission is truthful, and the applicant is, to their knowledge, eligible to fully participate. Candidates recognize that if they are awarded the scholarship, funds will be transferred directly to them for tuition and/or books. The candidate understands that the submission of multiple applications by the same applicant per calendar will result in disqualification. The candidate acknowledges that the entire application is required for submission—incomplete submissions may be disqualified. Candidate agrees that SociallyInfused Media Ltd. may use their submitted work via social media, online, and other media outlets to raise awareness about the Melissa Weeks Business & Marketing Excellence Scholarship. They agree that their entry is considered permission to use their submission in its entirety or modified version, as needed. Applicant acknowledges that all scholarship entries are the property of SociallyInfused Media Ltd. and will not be returned. Applicant understands that SociallyInfused Media Ltd. may choose not to award or to withdraw the scholarship for any reason they deem appropriate.