ESTEN Foundation Awards

ESTEN Foundation
December 31, 2021

This category welcomes applicants submitting research papers or research summaries on projects directly or indirectly related to the Onsite Wastewater Industry. Example: college or university research projects, laboratory test report, pilot project summary report, etc. Applicants must be an employee (professor, research assistant, etc.) or student (undergraduate or graduate) from a Canadian College or University.

How to Apply

Professors, Students, and Researchers in the wastewater area or water preservation.

Letter format in PDF using font size 10 or larger.

Examples of eligible subjects:

  • Development of new technologies or processes applicable to Onsite Wastewater Treatment.
  • Improvement or adaptation of existing technologies or processes to Onsite Applications.
  • Improving knowledge in Wastewater Treatment that can benefit the Onsite Industry.
  • Development of design or management tools, performance monitoring tools, operation or maintenance procedure and methods with potential applications to the Onsite Industry.

 1st place

Honorary certificate and $ 1,500 scholarship

2nd place

Honorary certificate and $ 500 scholarship