EDC International Business Scholarships

Export Development Canada
February 28, 2021

As part of their Youth Education Program EDC will provide up to 25 scholarships a year to undergraduates studying international business at university or college. They also make five international business scholarships available to students in programs that combine business with environmental or sustainability studies. Each scholarship is worth $4,000. You can apply anytime from the start of November to the end of February.

How to Apply

To qualify for a scholarship, you must be:

  • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • enrolled in a full-time accredited bachelor’s degree program at a Canadian university or college
  • studying business (international business, commerce, finance, economics, accounting, etc.) or business combined with environmental or sustainability courses*
  • returning to full-time studies for the 2020-2021 academic year
  • in excellent academic standing (minimum B average)

If you’ve studied or had work experience outside of Canada, that’s an asset.

Complete the online application in our Careers portal under “EDC International Business Scholarships 2018-2019.” The application process starts in November and ends in February.

All eligible applications will be reviewed in March. You’ll be notified of the selection committee’s decision by early April.

Your application must include:

A letter of intent:

A letter of intent that describes your main areas of interest, the career path you aspire to, and any current or past activities that show your motivation and potential in international business or international business with an environmental or sustainability focus. A demonstration of financial need will also be considered. (Maximum 600 words.)

Your resume:

Your resume, which should include any experience abroad (work, study, internship) as well as any professional experience, volunteer work, extracurricular activities or memberships that show your interest for international business or in international business with an environmental or sustainability focus.

Your official transcripts:

Your official transcripts (a clear, scanned copy) from all post-secondary institutions you attended (university, college, CEGEP), including transcripts for the most recent academic term. Make sure your transcripts include detailed information on the grading system specific to your institution. They strongly recommend you order a recent transcript from your institution well in advance of the application deadline to make sure you receive it on time. High school transcripts are not required.

An academic or employer reference letter:

An academic or employer reference letter from either a professor/instructor at your current educational institution or your employer. You can ask a professor to provide an employment reference if you have done paid work for him/her as a researcher, teaching assistant or in another role. An employer reference can be for either paid or volunteer work.

Scholarships are awarded in the spring, and issued in the fall at the start of each academic year.

Their selection committee will evaluate your scholarship application based on your:

  • demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in international business
  • clear expression of how the scholarship will help you pursue field of study
  • level of academic achievement (as reflected in your transcripts or honours)
  • demonstration of financial need and how the scholarship will help
  • experience in Canada and abroad (including work, internships, volunteering and study exchanges) during the current degree program
  • leadership potential (as reflected in extracurricular activities)
  • letters of reference
  • language skills