David C. Onley Award for Leadership in Accessibility

Province of Ontario
December 03, 2021

This award recognizes Ontarians who have gone above and beyond to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

There are four categories: Employee Engagement, Role Model, Youth Leadership and Honour Roll.

How to Apply

Your nominee must be:

  • a resident of Ontario (for individuals)
  • registered in Ontario (for companies and organizations)

You cannot nominate:

  • yourself
  • someone who is deceased
  • an elected politician currently in office

You need to mail a detailed form with your nominee’s information that includes:

  • a description of your nominee’s achievements in leadership, breaking down barriers, creating opportunities or improving the quality of life for people with disabilities
  • two or more signed testimonials from two different people (in addition to the nominator) who know and support your nominee’s achievements (not required for the Honour Roll category)

You can include other materials, such as news articles, if they give more insight into your nominee’s accomplishments.

You can only submit your nomination by mail at this time.

An independent selection committee reviews each nomination in the three individual awards categories (Employee Engagement, Role Model, Youth Leadership), and recommends who should receive them.

The Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility determines the eligibility of applicants for Honour Roll category, and one or more recipients are selected if they meet the requirements.