Corporate Culture Scholarship

Investor's Podcast
October 01, 2021

When we communicate with our visitors or audience, we seek to teach them fundamental truths and ideas to make quality and thoughtful decisions. We seek to make our listeners more effective, efficient, and happy. The finance culture is often a rude and greedy place. Confusion is encouraged to protect profits. The Investor’s Podcast Network creates the exact opposite culture and community. When people listen to the podcast or visit any TIP Network webpage, they know it’s unbiased and putting the listener first.

How to Apply

The Corporate Culture Scholarship sponsored by The Investor’s Podcast is open to all undergraduate and graduate students currently attending any North American university.

In your application, please elaborate on your ideal culture from your future employer. You should also include your personal background and how it’s related to the podcast episode above about the corporate culture at

You can find more information about corporate culture in the executive summary of the book Delivering Happiness here.