Caravan of Talents Fund for Young Creatives

Love Caravan
June 26, 2022

Caravan of Talents is an online video campaign aiming to provide an opportunity for both aspiring young performers and content creators to showcase their extraordinary talents. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, the world is your stage!

This campaign will be mainly hosted on the Love Caravan YouTube channel, on which the audience can vote for the top submissions. The top submissions will have a chance to win monetary prizes, and a possible chance to perform across Canada in Love Caravan’s 2022 Cross Canada Volunteer Tour with travel accommodations covered by Love Caravan.

Love Caravan Intergenerational Program is run by Love Builder Non-profit Society, a BC-registered NPO since 2015.

How to Apply

An individual is eligible to receive this scholarship by meeting the following:

  • Are between six (6) and thirty-six (36) years of age.
  • Submission of a video entry into the Caravan of Talents campaign.
  • The individual is one of the top 4 in either of the campaign categories.
  • Participants can submit entries to these two categories! Only 1 submission entry is allowed for each category, but you can submit 1 extra submission entry to a different style of the category*. For example, if you are submitting for the performance category, you can submit 1 entry for singing, and another entry for dancing (as they are different performance styles).
  • Each entry video must not exceed 2 minutes (a short trailer). This is to give the audience a preview of the participant’s talent, so that if they wish to watch the full video, they must vote for the entry to win.

*Love Builder Non-profit Society will determine if your additional submission qualifies as a different style of the category.

Judging will be separated into the two categories (Performance and Content Creation). We will judge each entry based on:

  • Creativity and originality—Is your submission creative? Does it stand out from the crowd?

  • Suitability—Is your submission suitable to the audience? Especially the audience Love Builder Non-profit Society mostly serves? (minors, teenagers, youth, seniors, parents, people with different cultural backgrounds etc.)

  • Adherence to Rules—Does your submission follow the Video Requirements and these Rules?

  • The Number of likes your submission has on our YouTube channel as of June 26, 2022, 11:59 pm Pacific Time (PT). The more likes your video receives, the higher the points awarded to you for that video

Bonus: For submissions that are deemed to be “intergenerational” by the Love Builder Non-profit society, each like will be counted twice!

An intergenerational video will be one that features individuals of various ages, with an age gap of 20 years or more between the youngest and oldest individual.