Canada’s Luckiest Student

Student Life Network
April 30, 2021

To date, eight students have been awarded the title of “Canada’s Luckiest Student” thanks to this larger-than-life giveaway. This prize bundle is specifically designed to help relieve the stress of being a student. You can have your rent paid for a year, your groceries covered for a year, win travel, concerts, electronics, school supplies, and a ton more. Oh, and did we mention the $20,000 in cash? The total prize bundle is worth over $50,000 and continues to grow until the contest closes on April 30th, 2021. Enter early and you can earn more entries in the draw. Who knows, you might be the next Canada’s Luckiest Student.

Any student can win, but you have to enter to even have a shot. Don’t wait, enter now.

How to Apply