Believe Initiative – Community Leader Scholarship

Believe Initiative
July 15, 2021

The Believe Initiative is a program designed to help students create community impact projects. To date, we have impacted over 120,000 youth and helped students initiate over 10,000 impact projects. We’ve learned that these experiences provide students with essential leadership opportunities as well as skills such as resilience, confidence and creative problem solving.


One of the biggest barriers to students participating in volunteer projects in their community is the need to work part-time jobs in order to fund their post-secondary education, leaving them with little time for extracurricular activities. 


To ensure as many students as possible have the opportunity to take on a volunteer leadership role, the Believe Initiative has created this Community Leader Scholarship. Our goal is to help reduce the financial burden in preparation for post-secondary so that student leaders have the freedom/time to give back to their community.

How to Apply

  • All High School students aged 14+.

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