Arthur Palin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Award

AIA Canada
November 30, 2023

The Arthur Paulin Automotive Scholarship Award was named after long time AIA volunteer Arthur Paulin. Arthur served as President of H. Paulin and Company Limited for over 35 years and he became Chairman of the Board in 1990. Arthur never lost his passion for developing new products, new packaging, and new and better catalogues. He was a teacher and mentor to all who knew him. Mr. Paulin served on the AIA Board of Directors for more than nine years, and he served as President of AIA from 1965 to 1966, and then again from 1967 to 1968. He has the distinction of being the only person to serve as President of AIA for two terms of office. Arthur was a strong supporter of education, and AIA believes that he would be pleased to know that through this scholarship he is assisting future members of the automotive industry.

The Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Awards program was established by members of the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA) to provide monetary assistance to deserving students who wish to further their education in the automotive field. The Scholarship Awards were designed to:

  • Promote professionalism within the automotive aftermarket,
  • Create awareness of the aftermarket industry and attract new people to the industry, and
  • Advance the state of knowledge within the industry.

How to Apply

  • To be eligible to win an Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship, applicants must be enrolled in an automotive aftermarket industry related program or curriculum at a Canadian college or university.
  • This includes students pursuing their studies as an automotive apprentice.
  • It also includes studies in any of the following automotive sectors: auto body, hard parts, heavy duty, or motive power (machinists).
  • In addition to the official scholarship application form, Arthur Paulin Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship applicants must provide the following documentation:
    • A letter from the applicant stating his/her long-term automotive goals. The applicant’s letter should briefly outline why they believe they should be considered for this scholarship. It may include a summary of past school and work experience.
    • A letter from the applicant’s primary automotive instructor stating why the instructor feels the scholarship applicant is worthy of receiving the scholarship. This may include the applicant’s academic achievements, natural ability, hard work, professionalism, teamwork, attention to detail, initiative, etc.
    • A copy of the scholarship applicant’s most recent academic record should be included. Overall academic achievements, as well as achievements specifically related to the automotive sector, should be included.
    • A brief outline of the scholarship applicant’s demonstrated leadership and civic abilities. These abilities do not necessarily have to be automotive related, but should be evident in the applicant’s interactions in their school or community environments. Examples of leadership and civic interests include, but are not limited to, acting as class president, working as a volunteer for a charitable or community group, and participating as a member of a service club.
    • An outline of financial considerations as they relate to the student’s pursuit of their automotive studies. The scholarship applicant’s degree of need should be clearly demonstrated. Other scholarships or awards won by the applicant should be noted, as well as the applicant’s ability to continue his/her studies based on financial considerations.
  • All applicants will be notified of the Selection Committee’s decisions. Awards will be applicable to the academic year commencing in September of that year.
  • At least five scholarships will be awarded annually across Canada to qualified students enrolled in an automotive program in each of the following regions: Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada. One scholarship will be awarded to a student pursuing studies at the Canadian Automotive Institute of Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario.