Ad Standards Scholarship

Ad Standards
February 29, 2024

Ad Standards’ mission is to ensure advertising in Canada is truthful, fair and accurate. As an independent, nonprofit organization, we administer the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, which is the principal instrument of responsible and effective advertising self-regulation nationwide.

Each year, Ad Standards offers two $1500 scholarships for post-secondary students.

How to Apply

To apply, students must be enrolled in an undergraduate advertising or marketing program at a Canadian university or college.

One scholarship is open to students attending a primarily English post-secondary institution and one is open to students attending a primarily French post-secondary institution.

To apply, send the completed Scholarship Form and required application support documents to

Our focus on volunteer work recognizes all personal and academic volunteerism; any volunteer work can be included in the application.

Successful applicants display a commitment to volunteerism, a record of academic excellence, and an interest in pursuing a career in advertising or marketing.