2021 Mountain Scholarship Award

Vito & Marcelle Cammisa
August 08, 2021

Vito and Marcelle Cammisa visited missionary friends in Tanzania Africa. Impressed by their friends’ children academic accomplishments, they realized how challenging it was for them to afford University tuition/fees. In 2013, Vito and Marcelle launched the Mountain Scholarship Award. They believe students in every area of study are able to affect/impact their community and/or church for good.

How to Apply

The Mountain Scholarship Award is open to all students who are:

  1. Enrolled full-time in a degree or diploma program at a recognized publicly funded Canadian university or college beginning Fall 2021.

  2. Aspiring to make a difference in your community and/or church.

There are three awards: $3000, $2000, and $1000.

This application requires the completion of three short essay questions including a description of your community/church participation.

We recommend having these questions prepared prior to entering the online application details. Click here for copy of application form.

The Selection Criteria is based on your:

  • Aspirations to make a difference

  • Voluntary community involvement

  • Leadership and character reference

  • Academic standing

The Mountain Scholarship Award Application includes the following five sections:

A. Commitment Details

We value the impact of volunteerism and are interested to know what initiative you have taken to create change in your community and/or church. Consider preparing your responses to following three questions prior to submitting an online application. We want to hear your story and what you have to offer.

Application requires for you to write a short Essay (<500 words) for questions 1, 2, and 5.

Q1. Describe your community/church involvement (include volunteer experience, extracurricular activities, and leadership roles) and dates.

Q2. What do you believe is God’s calling and purpose for your life? How will your studies help achieve that?

Q5. Describe how you came to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ – if applicable.

B. Academic Details

C. Income Details

D. Contact Details

E. Declaration and Requested Documents

  • Copy of your most recent transcript / grades (high school or post-secondary)

  • Reference Letter from Teacher or Professor

  • Reference Letter from Community / Ministry Leader or Pastor

Reference Letters should come from individuals who can describe your attributes as a scholar, leader, and/or contributor to the community or church.

Please email application, transcript and/or reference letter(s) to MountainScholarshipAward@gmail.com