$1000 Yukon Parent Bursary

Yukon Government
October 30, 2021

Are you a student from Yukon, and also a parent? Then you qualify to apply for $1000 with a super simple application.

How to Apply

  • Grade 12 student from Yukon entering the 1st year of post-secondary;
  • attending an eligible institution in the academic year immediately following high school graduation for a minimum:
    • 1-year program; or
    • 20-week long program.
  • be a parent; and
  • not be a recipient of another major scholarship of $3,000 or more.
  1. Prepare your application. You’ll need:
    • your name;
    • your address;
    • the date you attended the Teen Parent Centre; and
    • the program and institution you are applying to or are enrolled at.
  2. Submit the information. Email: info@teenparentcentreyukon.ca

We give preference to a graduate who has:

  • participated in the Teen Parent Centre program; and
  • completed the major part of their schooling in Yukon’s educational system.

We’ll take into consideration:

  • financial needs; and
  • academic achievement.

You must report the Teen Parent Centre scholarship you received on your tax return. We’ll send a T4A to the permanent address you provide in your application.

If you have not received a T4A for the previous year by February 28, phone 867-667-3555.

Wondering how your T4A income will affect your tax return?
Contact the Canada Revenue Agency.